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Podcast 156 – I’m IN! Two Upcoming Events for Business Owners and Advisors!

I'm IN!  Two Upcoming Events for Business Owners and Advisors!

We were joined today by Michael Hubsmith, Senior M&A Advisor with True North M&A to cover the highlights of two must-go events for owners and advisors. 

The first event on Sept 13 is the True North M&A Summit, to be held at the Minneapolis Event Center, beginning at noon and ending with Happy Hour at 5:30pm. 

The Opening speaker is none other than Super Bowl Champion, Ben Utecht who will speak on “The Champion Creed: Build Your Culture of Belief.”  This will be followed by the Keynote Speaker, Russell T. Price, Chief Economist with Ameriprise and deemed by Bloomberg to be one of the country's most accurate economists. 

Brian Slipka, CEO of True North will then take the stage for a short talk on how to “Maximize Your Life's Work”. 

The remainder of the afternoon will feature several breakout sessions for attendees to choose from, wrapped up with a Shark Tank format of Private Equity experts who will weigh in on the viability of a Case Study they've been presented. A Social Hour will follow for open networking. 

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The Twin Cities Metro Area Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute  is hosting its 5th Annual Owner's Forum on October 5 at Midland Hills Country Club in St Paul MN, from 2-6 pm! If you have attended an EPI Owner's Forum in the past, this one will be as high quality as we've ever had for content. 

First, the results of the most recent State of Owner Readiness Survey will be revealed. Compared to the 2017 project of the same survey, the results are quite telling, and in a positive way!  Scott Snider, President of EPI Global will be here to present and discuss the results and compare the MN market with other areas of the country. Come and learn how our MN market stacks up and what work we still have left to do. 

 Keynote Speaker, Sean Hutchinson, who will present on the work of the Value Growth Advisor whose job it is to help business owners increase business value from “where it is” to “where it needs to be”  based on the owner's personal financial goals and next stage of life. Sean will be using a combination of presentation and interactive case study to discuss how owners can put their best foot forward and learn how a buyer would view their business with and without improvements. Sean is one of the foremost Value Growth Advisors in the country!  

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