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Podcast 152 – Value Acceleration meets HR Strategy: How they work hand in hand

Value Acceleration meets HR Strategy: How they work hand in hand

In today's episode, we talked with Steve Schad, President and CEO of Optima HR Solutions, which is a fractional HR services organization. Steve's firm specializes in helping owners grow the value of their business through HR strategies that drive enterprise value and goes well beyond the basics of benefits, hiring practices and performance reviews. 

Steve got his start in Organizational Development, but focused on both the people side and the business side. Having a two-way thinking process gives him an advantage in his role, since that role is usually a dual-focused one. Business strategy must be determined first, before determinations are made for the number of people we hire and in what role. Many times, owners will hire when there's a vacancy, but that's not always the best solution. 

Steve's firm approaches each engagement beginning with a proprietary assessment that helps measure the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company's talent. A refreshing angle to a normal SWOT, wouldn't you say?

Once the assessment findings are compiled, they can begin the work of aligning people with business strategy; right people/right seats. 

In the US, our demographics are not heading in our favor; we're not replacing ourselves. That means the workforce shortage will continue into the foreseeable future, so owners need to be thinking outside the box on how to remedy that long term.

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