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Podcast 150 – Big Transitions Call for Maximum Influence with your Employees

Big Transitions Call for Maximum Influence with your Employees 

In this episode of #PoisedforExit I had the good pleasure of interviewing Dr Heather Johnson, President of Klassen Performance Group.  KPG specializes in soft skill leadership development and works with many clients in the throes of significant transition that many times involves a merger or acquisition. 

Dr Johnson is a clinical psychologist and found her love for 'what makes people tick' very early in her educational career. An employee of her father's family business throughout her upbringing, she recalls the difficulty in hearing the words “we're selling the business”. At 18 years old she learned all about the obstacles to a successful exit, yet she said her father handled it like a champion. From the multiple family member shareholders to the employees, she learned a great deal about how to communicate effectively in tense situations

Dr Johnson's father launched Klassen Performance Group as his 'next act' and then sold it to Heather, who plans to transition the business to her children who are already involved. 

Developing the kind of skills necessary to deliver a tough message like “we're selling” or “We've sold” takes some preparation and a plan for how to assist employees with the change as well. Dr Johnson recommends a communication plan and an event after the sale announcement to allow employees to express feedback, questions or ideas for the future.”People need to know that what they're feeling matters and that we hear what they are saying,” she said. Her team helps the owners and leadership make these kinds of transitions professionally, planfully and with empathy

Listen to the episode here.

Connect with Dr. Heather Johnson  and check out Klassen Performance Group here!

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