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Podcast 149 – Customers + Teams = Amazing Business Outcomes

Customers + Teams = Amazing Business Outcomes

In today's episode, we talked with Angela Christman, Founder of Lift Bridge Strategy, an HR firm that provides people development that fosters enterprise growth

Angela got her start in HR working in the corporate world of Walmart, and then for Marvin Windows. She's taken what she learned all those years to apply to privately held company clients who are looking to match their company purpose and values with not only their internal team, but their customers too. She ties the employee experience with the customer experience in her work with company owners and leaders, which is truly a fresh approach to HR strategy!

What capabilities does your company need to acquire in order to achieve your long term goals? This objective can many times be met without hiring more people!  Working with strategic partnerships, contractors and technology, owners can achieve growth goals without add people to the payroll. In these uncertain times, this can be the perfect solution to long term growth goals.

Angela shared a famous quote taken from Jennifer Tejada, CEO and Chairwoman of Pager Duty that says: 

“A culture will be defined by its lowest level of behavior tolerated, not the most audacious aspiration.”  How's that for a mouthful?

So, how do we join the customer and employee for those amazing outcomes? Utilizing psychology more than logistical tactic. 

1. Empathy: Listen to the customer and employee to gain understanding

2. Vulnerability: Innovation requires risk, and risk requires vulnerability

3. Flexibility: be willing to try new ways of seeing, discussing and solving. Say “Why Not”  instead of always asking “Why”. 

Listen the interview here.

Connect with Angela Christman and Lift Bridge Strategy here

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