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Podcast 131 – Seller Whisperer

Seller Whisperer

We had the pleasure of interviewing Denise Logan today, who is a national speaker, author and specialist in working with sellers of companies to determine and plan what's next for their life after business!

Denise calls herself the “Seller Whisperer” and wrote a book in fable form called “Seller's Journey” that tells the story of a seller and his advisers on a trek through Glacier National Park after the sale of the business closed. Sounds like an intriguing read, doesn't it? 

Denise has been an entrepreneur herself, as well as a lawyer and psychologist. When she owned and operated a law firm in Washington DC she found that during those years she was really unhappy, and decided to sell the firm. She also spent time as a psychologist specializing in work and financial disorders; people who are addicted to work or money. She also studied death and dying. It's with these experiences she can call herself an expert, especially since she's gone through it herself and also assisted a long time colleague and employer go through a sale. The latter was at the table 3 times before it closed, because the founder was too afraid of the life change and kept sabotaging the deal!

Denise encouraged the listeners to ask themselves this question: “What does work provide for, other than money and security?”  The answer is to make a list of 15 things that work provides for you, to understand why it can be very difficult to sell and 'move on'. 

The emotional arc of exit is the same for every owner, regardless of the company size or industry. Denise says that owners need to spend serious time thinking through what they really want from life and how they will derive satisfaction, because the change can be feared and there is a grieving process. The easier we make it on ourselves by having a next act plan, the smoother the transitional journey will be. 

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