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Podcast 129 – Merchant Processing: Let’s Cut the Expense in 2023!

Merchant Processing: Let's Cut the Expense in 2023!

Our #PoisedforExit guest in this episode featured Marnie Ochs Raleigh, Co-Founder and President of Evolve Payment and Evolve Systems. Marnie and Julie focused on Evolve Payment, Marnie's Merchant Processing company, to give business owners some ideas on how they can improve cash flow by utilizing a company with the right expertise and a client centric mindset

Evolve Payment has been in the Merchant Processing business for 20 years! The industry has truly 'evolved' from the old fashioned “knuckle buster” machines (“cha-ching!”) to high speed terminals to PIN and Chip technology. The security of personal information has been safeguarded as well, going from easily accessible for any thief to swipe,  to being governed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance regulations, mandated by the government to be created by the likes of Mastercard, VISA and American Express. We're all glad these rules exist and that their adherence is highly monitored. 

Evolve Payment will analyze your Merchant Statements for the past 3 months to determine what typical fees are being paid, so they can quickly assess whether they can save you money. Some of the most notable and recent client success stories have saved 5 and 6 figures for the client in payment processing fees! It seems a good time at the start of a year to have your accounts assessed as well. Any B2B company who handles merchant processing should check this out. 

Contact or go to to inquire about their complimentary fee assessment to see if they can save you money in 2023! 

There's more to know on this topic; listen to the episode!

Find Marnie Ochs Raleigh here and Julie here

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