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Podcast 126 – Planning and Future Dollars: Every Owner’s Needs are Unique

Planning and Future Dollars: Every Owner's Needs are Unique

I had the privilege of interviewing a favorite adviser of mine today with Edward Jones, Jesse Abercrombie.  Jesse is a CEPA like me, and we know each other through the Exit Planning Institute. We refer clients to each other and enjoy our collaborative work, because our values and client centric philosophies align well.

Jesse got his start in the financial planning industry 20 years ago and has built a very successful practice in working with business owners. Most financial advisers don't work with business owners because the gratification of investable assets doesn't generally come until there's a liquidity event, but Jesse had the vision for the future and even though he knew it would be a longer road to build up his practice, he stayed the course with his owner clients, advising them along the way until the time came for an exit. At that point, they've established a strong, trusting relationship that leaves the client knowing Jesse's got their back. 

Jesse's approach is all customized, and knows it has to be, because each case and each client's needs are unique. No cookie cutter here. He talked about how he loves working with entrepreneurs; how driven they are to succeed and grow something from nothing. 

Jesse is a leader with his clients, but also a leader within the Edward Jones organization. Many advisers, especially newer ones, will connect with him for advice on launching and building a practice. Those who have added exit planning onto their practice especially appreciate Jesse's expertise and advice in this area. He operates within the corporate values of Edward Jones, helping other advisers become great at what they do by sharing his best practices generously

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