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Podcast 124 – Introducing NV Brands!

Introducing NV Brands!

Today's episode featured Nicki Vincent, Founder and CEO of NV Brands. Nicki's vast professional network and reputation for being a master connector prompted her to leave her long standing corporate position as Executive Director of ACG MN and expand her reach by starting up her own venture. 

NV Brands brings the best of what Nicki has built and practiced for many years, that is, bringing people together. From event planning and professional business development, to executive coaching and business brokering, NV Brands will raise your professional profile among your target audience. 

Spending the past 27 years in the Middle Market space, Nicki and her team have established a network of professionals from across the country and in various disciplines. Many of whom have looked to her over the years for strategic introductions and referrals to other trusted advisors and firms. Her reputation for this work has earned her the nickname of “Master Connector” and it fits her like a glove. 

NV Brands will help you organize and conduct 'outside the box' events that will bring the kind of ROI you've been missing, while intentionally focusing on business development tactics that bring in leads from dollars spent. So many times events are more brand building than anything else, but Nicki and her team know how to maximize the opportunity so the hosts come away with a greater return than they ever got with their former event planners. 

Executive coaching and business development is another primary area of focus for NV Brands. The expertise of Nicki's coaching skills along with the creativity of the team is the magic mix that brings success for their clients, every time. 

Watch for 2023 social and educational events hosted by NV Brands that can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook where you can sign up to stay connected. 

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