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Nobody Does it Better Than Me: The Delegation Dilemma

Business owners are naturally independent thinkers and doers. We all think we can do it best ourselves and so we shoulder the control, rather than “hope” our employees will do it the right way.

The truth is, you can’t do it all yourself, unless of course you thrive on being in a constant state of overwhelm! Hiring the right people for the right job cannot be based solely on their skills and experience, however most of us hire people based on what the resume and references say, and then kick ourselves later for hiring a misfit when they don’t work out.

Hiring good people you can trust is essential to being able to delegate without worrying. When we define what it is we really need in an employee, aside from skills and experience, we get to the heart of what separates a good company from a great company.

Your team needs to be just that, a team. A group you can count on, who align with your values and the company culture, and are engaged daily and want what’s best for the business. In order for you to be the true captain of your ship and steer it properly, you need a solid team to delegate to, but that’s not the only essential.

The other is for you to be clear on the fact that delegation is vital to the growth of your business. Learning to trust your team takes practice. Turning things over that you have historically done yourself is not easy. What if they lose the account? What if they make a costly mistake? Proper delegation requires that the right people be in the right seats; resting in the fact that things are under control and you can sleep at night!

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