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Finding Your CEO Leadership Style

One part of becoming a great leader is finding your personal CEO leadership style. Once you’ve discovered what kind of leader you are, you can function within that role with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly who you are and what your goals should be. It’s not always easy to discover your style by yourself, but the following list is a great place to start. If you’d like to know more about these styles, call Julie Keyes at Keye Solutions. She can help CEOs discover what their talents are.

The Team Leader

The “team leader” CEO leadership style is for those who value teamwork over anything else. They like to be democratic and fair, playing to the strengths of the individual players in order to shape a team that functions as a unit. They have an expectation that others will work hard and play hard in a cohesive manner.

The Facilitator

The facilitator likes to take a step back and let others lead themselves, only stepping in when there is a need to encourage a group to get back on track. The facilitator offers great steps towards finding solutions, but there is an expectation that their team members will use those steps to find their own way.

The Charismatic Leader

A charismatic leader uses their diplomacy and charm to affect outcomes from the inside out. These are the leaders who are likely to invite their team members to a “Glow and Grow” meeting, in which they list numerous ways that the person is functioning well, followed by a growth area. These leaders tend to look on the bright side, but recognize the need for goal setting and acquisition.

The Visionary

Your typical visionary CEO leadership style entails staying abreast of the latest trends in leadership growth and business management. They love big ideas and lofty plans, especially when their team members are willing to split the tasks in an efficient, meaningful way. They want everything bigger, better, and more modern than your other leadership styles. They know that their dreams can become a reality through hard work and precise planning.

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