Making business decisions and transitions can be difficult, stressful and frightening. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with a coach? My role as your Business Coach is to provide you with guidance, support, accountability and encouragement.

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In working with me, I will help you, the business owner grow revenue, create and implement better marketing, manage and build a great team and so much more.  As a trusted adviser to my clients, we work “On” the business vs “In” the business, so you can enjoy the view from the Captain’s chair vs being stuck in the galley.

For business owners and entrepreneurs who are desiring or experiencing change and growth, a coaching relationship is invaluable. As a client you will receive Julie’s focused attention in strategy meetings and coaching sessions. She will be your sounding board and business advisor as together you navigate your unique journey. You won’t be forced into some rigid program or curriculum. The support, motivation, accountability and challenge provided by KeyeStrategies will help you achieve what you could not achieve on your own. Julie works hard business advising Minneapolis and Saint Paul companies.

This is what sets KeyeStrategies apart from other business advisers. She brings small business expertise and a track record of helping individuals and organizations grow and change. She will watch your blind spots, hold you accountable and help you maintain your intensity and focus.

No one can do these things alone. Working with a coach is not just about fixing business problem; it is about having a force for positive change on your side. Coaching is not just to resolve crises in your business, it is for every season in which you want to be moving forward.

Great Coaches Provide:

  • Great coaches understand how people change and grow.

  • Great coaches motivate, inspire and provide accountability.

  • Great coaches push their trainees beyond their self-imposed limits, and a great coach celebrates his/her trainee’s success.

  • Coaches help individuals and teams be more successful than they could on their own.

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